Fantasy reading

I have always been a fan of fantasy. I found this genre then I was in the fifth grade when we were going to watch Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone in the cinema. I read all the Harry Potter books, saw Lord of The Rings only 30 times, read those books too and so on. And there it all started. 
On my self, there can be found the three last books of HP (I wanted to read them straight away, not waiting for the libraries), all four books of Christopher Paolini's Inheritance series, Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series and Host. Well, it is not a really big self you know :D. 
Half of the books are in estonian and half in english. I found that original versions are better and now I am reading foreign literature in english. Last book in my tablet was the fourth book of Spellcrackers series. Can't wait for the release of the fifth book! Oh, and Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games are fantastic also!
Lately I discovered a new series of books. Well, I have to thank movie industry again, for that is how I learned about it at the first place. But I never got to watch the film and forgot it. A friend of mine introduced it to me again and so here I am writing about it.

The series is called The Mortal Instruments and there are 3 books in the series + 3 books following. I am reading the third book now and it is very interesting. I am still fascinated how a person can be so talented and write a great and catching story (I feel it every time I read a book). Sorry, but I am not going to narrate the plot. Just wanted to let you know, what I am doing and if you are in fantasy, then you just might consider it a try ;). One more thing: like any Hollywood movie, film and book are quite different, but citations are the same (literally).

And here you have spoiler trailer of the film:

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